Tuesday November 15th, 2011 15:58

Free Mixtape: Madden Brothers and Various Artists

Joel & Benji Madden

Good Charlotte brothers Joel and Benji Madden have put their LA-underground connections to good use, enlisting the guest services of Wiz Khalifa, The Cool Kids and Kreayshawn on a new mixtape. For the close-knit brothers, the project was all about creating music for the sheer love of it, connecting with artists with whom they felt an artistic affinity to go back-to-basics in the studio.

Say the Madden Bros of making the tape, which is titled ‘Before: Volume One’: “Our only real objective for doing this mixtape was to have fun and be creative. There was really no agenda beyond good times with artists we love, and to create an environment where we could creatively be ourselves. The entire project was a labor of love, amongst friends and peers who either believe in us, or just liked us enough to have the good will to join in”.

The results of their love-driven labors, from Kreayshawn’s bumpin’ ‘Firetruck’ banger, to the fraternal duo’s emo power ballad, ‘A Million Tears’, are truly eclectic, with a little something for hip-hop, alt-pop and rock fans alike. Plus, ‘Before: Volume One’ serves as a great platform for breaking near-unknown artists who might not otherwise get this kind of exposure.

You can download the tape for free below.

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