Thursday May 26th, 2011 13:15

New Cover: Of Montreal

Of Montreal

When asked by indie site The A.V Club to pick and cover a song from an ever-dwindling list of rock classics as part of their ‘A.V Undercover’ series, flower-power four-piece Of Montreal mulled it over and plumped for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’, the track that initially kicked things off for some little-known band called The White Stripes.

Usually a band specializing in mind-expanding psych-rock, the Of Montreal boys demonstrated their understanding of the grass-roots rudiments of rock when they delivered a surprisingly straight-laced version of the song. Good for them.

Check out the two vids below and spot the difference between Of Montreal’s rendition and The White Stripes’ original, if you can.

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Of Montreal covers The White Stripes

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Wednesday April 20th, 2011 08:29

EP Stream: of Montreal

of Montreal

Rolling Stone have a stream up of the latest EP from weird indie popsters of Montreal. Called ‘thecontrollersphere’, the 5-track record takes the band’s music in a much darker direction than their previous work. There’s not much room here for the upbeat whimsy of their last album ‘False Priest’, which was partly thanks on a couple of tracks to special guest Janelle Monae.

RS calls the EP “an extended psychedelic nightmare”, and having given it a listen, I’m not going to disagree entirely with that. But if you like a generous side serving of sinister funk with your standard portion of Montreal’s lurid psych-pop, this should suit you very well.

‘thecontrollersphere’ doesn’t hit the shops til 4/26, but prior to that you can stream it to your heart’s content on Rolling Stone:

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