Thursday October 6th, 2011 15:58

Free Track: Chairlift


Colorado-based Chairlift are anything but your average electro-pop outfit, I mean, have you seen lead singer Caroline Polachek’s mind and body-bending, Thom Yorke and Robyn-rivalling dance-off in that ‘Amananaemonesia’ video?

Popping up on the reverse side of an out-now vinyl version of ‘Amananaemonesia’ is new song ‘Peculiar Paradise’, which the band have elected to give away via RCRD LBL for the bargain fee of $0.

Like its name, ‘Peculiar Paradise’ is unusual, unearthly and lush in fluttering fronds of 80s-inspired industrial beats and some truly divine pop melodies. Risking a backlash from Michael Jackson devotees; at its finest, most unruly moments it runs on a ridiculous funk flex worthy of comparisons to a psyched-out, ‘Bad’ era MJ. Basically, it’s great. If you’re registered at RCRD LBL (and even if not, it’s free to sign up), download ‘Peculiar Paradise’ below.

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Monday July 18th, 2011 17:58

First Listen: Chairlift


Colorado trio Chairlift are attempting clear our memories of their iPod commercial-soundtracking song ‘Bruises’ with brand new track ‘Amananaemonesia’, which will appear on the band’s TBA new LP ‘Cool As Fire’.

Coming from the same alt-synth school as bands like MGMT, Chairlift’s penchant for left-field electro music takes the fore in this sugary rush of eighties-inspired melody, which is rendered all the sweeter by classically-trained singer Caroline Polachek’s airy vocals and beatific octave-spans. Stream ‘Amananaemonesia’ below, and don’t forget, it’s out as a single on August 16 via of-the-moment indie label Terrible Records.

In the absence of anything more free or exclusive to offer you, here’s a clip of the Chairlift gang larking about as they skim through a live play of oddball in-French track ‘Flying Saucer Hat’. Tres amusant.

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Amanaemonesia by Chairlift


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