Mission: Clear Channel Communications is a global media and entertainment company that believes that organisations are measured on the basis of the overall value that they contribute to society; and its businesses and employees are actively encouraged to get close to the communities they serve.

Living by this ethos, Alissa Pollack, Executive VP of Integrated Music Marketing for Clear Channel Radio, sits on the board of a number of health and education related charities in the USA including City of Hope, a pioneering cancer treatment and research organisation.

Drawing upon the talent, resources and generosity of performing artists and media personalities, Alissa’s objective was to establish a flexible and user friendly promotional platform, that would allow her to run targeted fundraising and awareness campaigns in support of City of Hope. As a co-founder of Play For Life, she worked with the Cultural Alliance to make this ambition a reality.

Our solution: The Play For Life auction platform, fully integrated with Clear Channel Radio’s network of music stations and websites, designed to raise funds and awareness for City Of Hope’s pioneering work in music therapy, which provides an outlet for cancer patients – especially children and teens battling cancer – through which they can communicate difficult emotions and cope with the rigors of treatment

Backed by a $4.5 million Clear Channel Radio media campaign, 40 artists, producers and directors came together to support a fund and awareness raising campaign for City Of Hope, based around a bepoke music website and series of online auctions.

Steven Martin, City of Hope’s Associate Vice President Marketing says: "The Play For Life campaign enabled us to reach a new generation of prospective supporters, and with the funds raised, our music therapy program will be able to touch the lives of more young people undergoing cancer treatment than ever before".

You can find out more about the artists who supported the Play For Life: City Of Hope auction programme here, and read back issues of Inside Track, the specially created music news and recommendation service that ran alongside the campaign, giving the programme it’s own life and personality, here.