Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 15:58

New Video: Foster The People

Foster The People

Having dreamt up an electrifying concept for their last video, ‘Helena Beat’, Foster The People are once again flexing their creative muscles in their surreal new clip, ‘Call It What You Want’. It’s the third single lifted from the LA-based trio’s debut album, ‘Torches’, which spawned a summer-defining breakout hit in its lead track, ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. Far from dwelling on such past glories, FTP seem keen to break new ground with the ‘Call It What You Want’ promo; a Dali-esque sequence of mind-melding imagery that amounts to their most striking (and perhaps, controversial) visual to date.

The clip finds the boys taking up residence in a grandiose mansion, which then becomes the setting for various stunts, firework displays, and odd-goings on. Recurring themes throughout the vid; clocks, giant golden fists, a flapping goldfish, and Mark Foster pretend killing a group of girlfans. We’re assuming this is supposed to be a kind of oblique comment on the band’s astral rise to fame, and the hedonistic potential offshoots of rockstar status. Are FTP believing their own hype, or simply sending up their tag as indie one-hit wonders? We guess it’s subjective, as the song’s title dictates. But one thing’s for sure; the band are in serious danger of losing girlfans over that shooting scene.

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Foster the People



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