Wednesday August 3rd, 2011 12:58

New Documentary: Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

As per the results of a Blackberry-sponsored contest that ran back in April, a handful of garage-owners won the chance to host Foo Fighters at their very own homes for a one-off series of live concerts. Footage from the so-called ‘Garage Tour’ has now been crammed into a 40 minute documentary that charts the Foos’ garage-to-garage charge across North America.

The band, who recorded their latest album ‘Wasting Light’ in a studio rigged up in frontman Dave Grohl’s garage, look perfectly at home rocking out amongst the spare auto parts and DIY paraphernalia in fans’ super-sized car lock-ups. And, you know, it’s nice to see a band of the Foos Fighters’ stadium-filling proportions take such a humble, appreciative attitude to their fanbase, conversing and riding about in tractors like ordinary guys. Watch the ‘Garage Tour’ doc below.

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