Friday November 11th, 2011 15:58

First Look: The Roots

The Roots

Hip-hop’s premier house band, The Roots, are well into the process of hyping their upcoming album, ‘undun’, a concept piece based on the true story of a boy who turns to a life of crime. It’s due to drop on December 6, and the group have duly been delivering videos for tracks appearing on the record every Tuesday. The second in a planned four-part series, a slowed-down shuffle titled ‘Tip The Scale’, is the freshest clip to debut, depicting the harsh realities of life on the street in pin-sharp monochrome detail. It follows the graphic gun violence played out in first visual ‘Make My’, which goes some way to setting up the narrative of the album’s central character.

“‘undun’ is the story of this kid who becomes criminal, but he wasn’t born criminal. He’s not the nouveau exotic primitive- bug-eyed gunrunner… he’s actually thoughtful and is neither victim nor hero. Just some kid who begins to order his world in a way that makes the most sense to him at a given moment… At the end of the day… isn’t that what we all do?”, says Roots drummer ?uestlove, shedding light on some of the band’s intent in making the LP. You can read more of his comments, plus some of the backstory to ‘undun’, here.

Meanwhile, there’s still ‘Tip The Scale’ to check out below.

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